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Circular No. One Rank One Pension (OROP) to the Defence Forces Personnel. Circular No. Revision of pension under 'One Rank One Pension' . You are here: Home / ONE RANK ONE PENSION (OROP) TABLES FROM 1 TO AS PER MOD (DESW) ORDERS ISSUED ON 1, Status Report on implementation of OROP benefits as on and compiled up to , Download ( KB) pdf. 2, Extension.

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One Rank One Pension Table Pdf

One Rank One Pension to the Defence Forces personnel-OROP TABLE. No 12(1 )//D (Pen/Policy)-Part-H Government of India Ministry of. One Rank One Pension (OROP) Table issued on 3rd February, for Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Pension, Table 16, OROP-Tablepdf. One Rank One Pension to the Defence Force Personnel 12(1)//D(Pen/Pol )-Part-II dated , OROP tables had been prepared.

The enhanced annuities will cost about 7, crore rupees to the government. The Defence Ministry, in the meantime, is thinking again and again whether it ought to debar odefence personals who quit their job before finishing their term from the advantages of One Rank One Pension. The advantages of the present One Rank One Pension scheme are refused to those defence personals. But the sources stated that Manohar Parrikar, the Defence Minister of India has ordered to rethink on that particular issue and is tending to strike this condition off. If it is done, it will tackle one of the chief apprehensions of the Indian armed forces. It is said that because of some technical issues, it could not be implemented. It will require huge administrative discussions to pass the entire advantages to the retired Servicemen. This scheme of OROP counted from the month of July — prior to the end of the financial year and it will cost about 11, crore rupees to the central government.

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Now the pensions of the entire 2. The Banks are struggling to find a solution to this task. None of the Banks have any comprehensive software for revising the pension of such a huge number of people. The ultimate sufferers are the poor pensioners. The refinement of Defence pension account is an urgent need. OROP orders were released on 4. Till today, none of the banks have bothered to pay the arrears. But somehow, they have neglected the Defence pension payment. In fact the OROP orders have simplified the entire Defence Pension payment system for fixation of revised pension and opened the gates for developing a comprehensive software for calculation of OROP arrears and fixation of revised pension.

Even then, the banks are delaying payment.


The Table No. The various Groups have been reduced to only Two Groups now. In the current system, the importance is given to the last salary drawn, and not the length of the service. What is the present issue with the defense pension?

The basic demand underlying OROP is to do away with the anomaly of doing away the disparity. Arguments and Challenges Arguments in Favour The shorter period of service of military officers: The defense personnel is made to retire at the age of 33 to 35 years due to the necessity of maintaining a younger army whereas the officer of civil side retires at the age of 60 years.

Tri-service pension codes: April 2017

It is the moral obligation of the state to look after the welfare of the soldiers who served the nation. A lowered pay status compared to the civilian counterparts with less period of service affects the morale of forces. The issues, veterans emphasize, are of justice, equity, honor, and national security. The Challenges Financial hurdle as the estimated time cost of implementation is crore rupees. This will increase on every further revision of salary.

One Rank One Pension Circular-501

Expenditure on arrears would be around crore rupees. It is also an administrative challenge due to lack of records going back to many decades. When did it all start?

It is also enjoined upon them that all the columns in proforma prescribed by Ministry of Defence must be filled in complete and correct manner before its rendition to the Group Officer of Audit Section of the office of the PCDA P Allahabad.

It is also requested that a Soft copy and one more copy of the requisite proforma, be invariably sent separately along with the pension payment scrolls regarding payment of improved pension. Miscellaneous instructions- 8.

OROP | Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare | Ministry of Defence | GoI

No arrears on account of revision of pension will be admissible for the period prior to Points of doubt, if any, relating to revision of pension under the subject Government order may be immediately referred to the concerned PSAs by name as given below.

However, any clarification regarding the rule position in the Government letter dated All nodal agencies are requested to circulate this circular to all concerned in your jurisdiction. It is also requested that all PDAs may downloaded the same from this office website for immediate implementation of the government orders to revise the pension w. Hindi version will be followed shortly.

Please acknowledge receipt. The Dy.

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