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by Princeton Review to Take the GRE General Test, 10th Edition—This is another ETS publication It is Cracking the GRE with 4 Practice Tests, Edition. Princeton GRE is the most famous book for the students appearing for the GRE text. Princeton New Gre Pdf Book Download for Study Abroad. Barron's GRE 12th Edition; Princeton Words; Princeton Review - Verbal Workout; RS Agarwal Can I download the Kaplan PDF GRE practice book online?.

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Part VI: The Princeton Review GRE Practice Tests and Explanations .. computer -based test, the practice questions contained in the PDF are relevant and. Read Cracking the GRE with 4 Practice Tests, Edition PDF Graduate School Test Preparation Ebook by Princeton paidestparpoisun.gqhed by. material for cracking GRE and TOEFL. This guide is limited to Kaplan and Princeton. Review tests and material. * KAPLAN TESTS AND STUDY MATERIAL.

Our GRE verbal practice questions come with explanations so you can see how to crack them! Text Completion questions include a passage composed of one to five sentences with one to three blanks. There are three answer choices per blank, or five answer choices if there is a single blank. There is a single correct answer, consisting of one choice for each blank. You receive no credit for partially correct answers. B enamored by Choose carefully here. The clue is "the dancers alone made his trip worthwhile. Enamored by is the only choice that captures such a feeling. Overwhelmed by is extreme, and implies that Flaubert got more than he could handle. Taken aback by, in contrast, merely suggests that our traveler was surprised by the dancers; we cannot be sure that his surprise was pleasant. Meanwhile, beseeched by does not indicate how Flaubert felt, whereas if he were flustered by the performers, he would not likely have found his encounter with them worthwhile. Of course, there is always the possibility that the incumbent will face a challenge from within his or her own party. Nevertheless, once the primary is over, the general election is ii. A an ineluctable and F merely denouement If district boundaries are designed to protect incumbents —that is, those already in office—then victory for those incumbents should be close to assured or inevitable. Ineluctable is synonymous with these words.

Start with 2, adding it to the other numbers, then move to 3, and so forth: Verbal Drill 1. B This sentence employs parallel structure, and the semicolon trigger tells you that both blanks will go in the same direction.

You can recycle fragmentation for the first blank and failure for the sec- ond blank; POE all answers except choice B. B Although the most familiar definition of the word pique is to excite interest or curiosity, the pri- mary definition is to wound pride or vanity. Aggrieve is a synonym for the meaning tested here, and rouse is a synonym of the more familiar definition of pique. If you know that pique is negative, then you know you need a positive word.

Aggrieve is negative, so eliminate choice A.

Download 1014 GRE Practice Princeton Review

Dulcify means to mollify, which is a pretty good match, so the best answer is choice B. E Insensible means unconscious or unaware, so the opposite is aware.

Insensate is a synonym. Prag- matic and rational are traps, because if you think that insensible means not sensible, you are looking for an answer like sensible. Cognizant means aware, so the best answer is choice E.

D Luminous means emitting light, so the opposite is characterized by darkness. Incandescent is a syn- onym. Lum means light, so the correct answer must have something to do with darkness. Stygian means dark or gloomy, so the best answer is choice D. B Singularity is unusualness or exceptionalness, so the opposite is normality. Singularity contains the word singular, so plurality is a trap. Depending on the context, singularity is either positive or neu- tral, so you can eliminate solely positive words.

Hilarity and celerity are positive; eliminate choices A and D. Ordinariness means normality, so the best answer is choice B. D Austere means bare or unadorned, so the opposite is adorned.

Spartan is a synonym. Spartan, unadventurous, and fiendish are nega- tive and ticklish is neutral; eliminate choices A , B , C , and E.

Plumed means adorned, so the best answer is choice D. Note the sec- ondary meaning of hedge here; you can see that it is a verb by comparing it to the other right-side words. A valedictory think of the valedictorian at a graduation is someone who says goodbye, not someone whose purpose is to greet the audience. An affidavit is speech used to swear that a state- ment is true, so keep choice B. A peroration does not summarize; in fact, a peroration is a very long speech.

The prefix per- can mean through or thoroughly, so peroration is an oration which is very thorough and lengthy. A homily is a sermon which gives a moral lesson, but it may or may not praise someone. Finally, an exhortation is speech used to encourage an audience, not dismiss it, leaving you with choice B for the answer. E A miscreant is a person with a base or villainous nature. Note the secondary meaning of base here, which you can see is an adjective by glancing at the other right-side words.

Is a harridan a charming person? Actually, no—a harridan is a scolding, shrewish woman. Is a magistrate, or a legal admin- istrator, a lax person? Not necessarily. An adjudicator is someone who judges a situation, but is not necessarily dismissive.

A regent is someone who helps rule, but a regent is not necessarily stately. Finally, a tyro is a beginner, or someone who is green, leaving you choice E for the answer. C Although the primary definition of penurious is stingy, it can also mean poor.

Parsimonious is a synonym for the primary definition. If you know that penurious is negative, you know you need a positive word.

Penal and parsimonious are clearly negative, so eliminate choices D and E. Wealthy means rich, so the best answer is choice C. E The sentence starts with a different direction trigger: In this case the sentence is looking for something which is the opposite of subjective.

A good word for the blank, therefore, would be objective. This is supported by the notion that the definition must be verifiable. Empirical means provable and is therefore the best synonym. The answer is choice E. A A quarry is the goal of a hunt; for example, a quarry could be a buck or a fox.

For example, is an accolade, or statement of praise, the goal of a campaign? Is an epit- ome the goal of a culture? No, so eliminate that choice as well. Is an anomaly the goal of a puzzle? You are left with two difficult choices. A terminus is the endpoint, or goal, of a voyage. A guer- don is a reward, which is not the goal of a repetition, leaving you with choice A for the answer. D The trigger although introduces two conflicting aspects of hydrogen-powered cars.

The first clue states that hydrogen contains more energy per gallon than does gasoline, which is a good thing.

The trigger indicates a change of direction, so a good word for the first blank is challenged. Start with the first half of the answers and look for a word that means challenged. The second blank continues in the same direction as the first, based on the second trigger, thus, so a good word for that blank is unlikely.

That means you can eliminate choice B , because convenient does not match unlikely. Choice D is the best match. Thus, the cyclical structure supports a critical interpretation of the novel. Choice D best summarizes this idea. B In the first paragraph, the author states, The remaining twelve chapters act as a counterpoint, com- menting on—if not reversing,—the first part where a morality play receives greater confirmation.

Throughout the passage, the author shows that the novel has certain elements that do not fit nicely into a unified vision of the book. Choice B is the best restatement of the information given in the passage. E Asperity means harshness in tone or manner, so the opposite is friendliness or warmth. If you know that asperity is negative, you know you need a positive answer. Visual expression and partition are neutral, and contretemps is negative; eliminate choices A , B , and C. You can also eliminate choice D , because, like visual expression, it has no opposite.

Free GRE Practice Test | Free GRE Events | The Princeton Review

Empressement means extreme cordial- ity, so the best answer is choice E. D Someone who is impeccable is faultless, or not deserving of reproach. There is some tough vocabu- lary in the answer choices.


Start by trying to eliminate based on vocabulary you know. For exam- ple, an implacable person is beyond pleasing, not undeserving of stoicism. Something interminable is endless, but not undeserving of a sojourn, or a brief stay. Someone impotent lacks puissance, but is not undeserving of it. Something indeterminate is not deserving of certitude because it is not certain; hold on to that choice.

A quagmire may be impenetrable, but something impenetrable is not unworthy of a quagmire, leaving you with choice D as the best answer. B To abdicate is to formally demit—or give up—a position. Enter is the reverse of disembark. Do demit and abdicate seem similar or dif- ferent?

If you know that they are similar words, you can eliminate choice A by using this side-of- the-fence approach. To ratify something is to formally approve it, which does match the stem-pair relationship, if you were able to recognize it.

Even if you did not know that relationship yet, keep choice B because it does at least have a defining relationship. Maintain and supply do not have a defining relationship you could maintain something by supplying it, but this is a stretch, not a definition , so eliminate choice C.

To unfetter someone is to liberate them, so keep choice D for now. Receive and rescind have no relationship, eliminating choice E.

1,014 Practice Questions for the New GRE - California State

Comparing your final op- tions—choice B and choice D —the aspect of formality makes choice B the better match and the best answer. E If the jury acquitted the defendant, or let him off the hook, the prosecutor could not have done a very good job. Therefore, you know that he failed to make a good argument, despite the fact that he had a lot of something to bolster his claims.

What would bolster, or help, his claims? Some great evidence would definitely help him, so use evidence for the second blank. Working from the first blank first, you can see that condescending and dubious do not match the word you filled in, good. Meticulous, trenchant, and cogent all could refer to good arguments, so keep those choices for now. Look at the second blank options; consternation and sanctimony do not match evidence. Substantia- tion is a good match, so select choice E.

A A mercenary is a hired soldier. Looking at your choices, an amanuensis is a hired stenographer. Botanist and researcher do not have a defining relationship.

Academician is a fancy word for professor, and a culinarian is a fancy word for cook, but neither pair matches the stem pair relationship, leaving you with choice A for the answer.

D The article is described in turns as having detractors and as a fixture in the literature. There is more than one trigger in the sentence, so be sure to keep track of which clues are relevant to which blank.

If you start with the first blank, and know the meanings of abjure and detractor, you might infer that the article was often criticized. You can immediately eliminate choice B. Cited and evidenced are distracting choices. They are associated with research and publication, but it is unlikely that someone would regret writing a frequently cited work. The second blank is neutral, but knowing that polemic discourse followed for years after its publication, you should look for a word that means encouraged.

Princeton Review. Cracking the GRE Premium Edition with 6 Practice Tests, 2018

Forestalled is opposite in meaning to encouraged, therefore you can eliminate choice B. Choice D is the best match here. C In order to answer this question, you must understand what critical theory is.

The third paragraph mentions critical theory directly, and states that its proponents believe the dominant classes would never create or foster an educational system that taught subordinate classes how to critically evaluate so- ciety and the injustices it contains. This most closely matches statement II. Eliminate choice A. The second paragraph is also important because the author states that critical theorists share the views of the theorists mentioned in the second paragraph.

These theorists hold that the stratification of American society is preserved…by the creation of what Marx termed false consciousness…The theory holds that the way people think about their society and their history is crucial to maintaining the status quo.

This matches statement I. Eliminate choices B and D. The third choice is incorrect. The author mentions this point in the critique of critical theory in the final paragraph.

Choice C is the best answer. B Choice B is supported by the final lines of the passage, which indicate that textbook publishers are first and foremost seeking to maximize profit. Thus, textbooks are not just teaching instruments, but money makers. Choice A is not supported by the passage. Choice C is wrong; the passage simply says the literature is more comprehensive.

Choice D is not supported by the passage. Although the author rejects the idea that the power elites are in con- trol of textbooks, it may still be true that publishers take their views into account. Choice E is put forth by the critical theorists, but it is not necessarily true. D In the final paragraph, the author states, but critical theory and other theories that lay the blame for American ignorance of history on the doorstep of the elites cannot explain their own success.

Thus, there must be other theories similar to critical theory and critical theory is not unique, which supports choice D. There is no information to support either choice A or B. Choice C is wrong be- cause critical theory is used by educational theorists, not historians. Choice E is not supported by the passage.

Griffin and Marci- ano contend that history textbooks promote nothing more than hegemony. The choice that most closely matches this sentence is choice C. The other choices are not mentioned in conjunction with Grif- fin and Marciano.

B Luculent means clear or easy to understand, so the opposite is difficult to understand. Comprehen- sible is a synonym. If you know that luculent is positive, you know you need a negative word. Comprehensible and intelligent are positive; eliminate choices A and E. Recondite means difficult to understand, so the best answer is choice B. D The first paragraph states that ragweed is one of the most noxious wind-borne allergens.

Later, the paragraph states that humidity rates above seventy percent tend to depress the spread of pollen by caus- ing the grains to clump.

Nothing supports choice B. Choice E goes too far; the passage states that ragweed pollen is the cause of most cases not all as the choice states. B The answer to this question lies in the line, Some species of Lepidoptera butterflies, skippers, and moths larvae feed on ragweed, but this arena of control is not well funded, and consequently not well- researched.

The author mentions the species to indicate that there may be a potential answer to the problem of controlling ragweed, but this answer has not been fully explored. This most closely matches choice B. Choice C is wrong because the species discussed are not mammals. The mention of some species of Lepidoptera is not used to plead with the govern- ment.

Choice E is incorrect because earlier in the passage the author indicates that complete elimination of the ragweed is unlikely. E The primary meaning of countenance is face or visage, but when used as a verb it means to tolerate or approve. If you know that innervate is a medical word that relates to nerves, you can eliminate choice A —oth- erwise, hold on to it. Sanction and tolerate are both synonyms for countenance. Interdict means to prohibit or forbid, which is closer to what we need, making the best answer choice E.

Scoring a paper-based test like the computer-adaptive GRE would require you to stop and score each section during the test in order to determine the difficulty level of your second section. But you can still use the paper-and-pencil practice tests in this book as opportunities to practice with the question types and strategies, as well as work on your test-taking stamina.

Go Online! Remember to check out your Student Tools to gain access to our computer- based practice tests for the GRE. Follow the steps on the Register Your Book Online! Because, by and large, the GRE is a test of patterns, not of facts.

This book does its best to reveal those patterns to you, but without sufficient time to practice and absorb the information in this book, your GRE score is not likely to improve. Thus, you should allow an adequate amount of time to fully prepare for the GRE. You should allow yourself somewhere between 4 and 12 weeks to prepare for the GRE. There are a number of reasons for these suggested preparation times. Attempting to prepare in fewer than 4 weeks typically does not allow sufficient time to master the techniques presented in this book.

Without adequate practice time, you may not have full confidence in the techniques. Finally, as mentioned before, the GRE contains a number of patterns, and the more time you spend studying the test, the better you will be at recognizing these patterns.

On the other hand, spending an inordinate amount of time preparing for the GRE can have its downside as well. The first concern is a purely practical one: There is a finite amount of GRE practice material available. Finally, spreading the material out over a long period of time may result in your forgetting some of the lessons from the beginning of your studies. Since you downloadd the Premium Edition, we have created a few schedules for you already!

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